As over the past 19 years the CSA have let me and my son down considerably

December 4, 2012

My name is marieanne potter.

This is the second email I have sent : I have also wrote a letter that you’ve conveniently not received :

I wrote to you recently with concerns of the amount of arrears my ex husband Nigel Charles Potter owes me : for the past nineteen years my ex husband mr potter has not made consistent payments of child maintanance to my child Connor Reece Potter born 08/08/1993 : I received a payment plan dated 16 January 2012 at that time the arrears shown on my account.

Were the sum of £9761.64, . I then received a letter of cancellation of child maintenance that ended 31/05/2011 I received this letter dated 7 September 2012 .

18 September 2012 I received a letter confirming my case closed and that NOW MY ARREARS were down to £3,506.93 ????????????? Yes a considerable drop now my case is closed : each time I’ve had correspondence with CSA you have always Guarunted. My arrears would be paid in full directly to me , after speaking to one of you’re advisers they informed me the reason for the massive drop in arrears owed was because on you’re data base I was on income support from 2008 to 2011 however I question this as I have worked for my current employer since 5 January 2008 till presently ???

In my letter that conveniently never received I pointed this out also mr Potters payments were dropped prior to this to the massive sum of £5 because there was a second claim of child maintenance produced , so how you have come up with the amount deducted from the £9761.64 as I believe that if mr potter had paid his £5 whether I was on income support or not it would have been paid to me directly because of the amount not exceeding £20 now I can’t be absolutely sure on that amount but I know that whilst many years ago whilst I was on income support sum of the monies mr potter did pay were paid to me , …

So I want someone , anyone to look into my claim and do there job that the are being payed to do is not CSA short for CHILD SUPPORT AGENCY ????? Well where’s my sons support ???

As over the past 19 years the CSA have let me and my son down considerably it is myself that has had to continue phoning CSA to chase up payments to my self and with all you’re government support you have failed me now I want to resolve this situation once and for all .

I have suffered poverty and hardship trying to get you to get what is rightfully mine , I have telephoned you for 19 years at my own cost giving me more hardship I expect an email to confirm you’ve received my email as you didn’t acknowledge my last email and I’ve never had the opportunity to speak to a case worker who was working on my behalf my.

Next move will be 10 downing street I have been pushed from pillar to post I’m not an idiot I just want what is due to me from mr potter it’s not like I’m asking you personally for it now please do you’re job and get any money owed to me ……


2 Responses to “As over the past 19 years the CSA have let me and my son down considerably”

  1. Smithy on December 4th, 2012 8:39 pm

    “get what is rightfully mine”

    It’s not for you it’s support for your child. If your child is now 19 why not ask your ex husband to pay your child directly. The money is always intended for the child themselves not you and at least you’d have peace of mind that the debt had been paid and you can stop interacting with the CSA and move on.

  2. Alice on December 5th, 2012 7:30 pm

    any correspondence sent here will not be viewed by the CSA, this is not the CSA website, it’s a public forum set up for people who are unhappy with the service they receive from the CSA.
    if you wish your query to be answered you should contact the CSA via their official website, by post to the address on the letters they have sent you or by phone on 0845 6090042.

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